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Imagine gazing into your partner's eyes as you dance in a shower of raining confetti tinsel. The metallic and confetti-like tinsel will entrance your guests as they watch the confetti cascade down on you during your dance, creating a visually breathtaking moment for your guests, when every light and camera is trained on you and your partner, capturing the moment in video and still photography for posterity. It is a beautiful moment that never fails to disappoint and makes you feel like royalty! Your DJ / MC will fire the cannon at the perfect time for your moment… all we need from you is to call us to see if we can get your choice of colour or mixes of confetti.


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Over 30 years experience helping couples make the most of their very special day

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Meet Mike King
Founder of Weddings Parties Entertainment

Michael is the Managing Director of Weddings Parties Entertainment. Michael is a multi award winning Event director, MC & DJ. He has performed live at over 2,000 events, and been a prominent figure in the Australian Radio Scene since the late 1980’s.  Michael shot to prominence as a young, talented and ambitious radio personality, hosting the flagship Top 40 Countdown show in regional NSW.

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