Bubbles Fantasy

Melbourne’s No 1 new first dance experience – dancing with bubbles​


Today, so many venues say no to smoke machines and confetti being used at all, even if only for the first dance. Have you ever thought about BUBBLES!!!

Bubbles are a clean, safe and magical option of dancing with your partner for your first dance. Bubbles remind us of our innocent childhood where our brides often had their first thoughts of marriage, the Disney versions of course.

The Princess, and prince charming story, where the prince whisks away his beautiful bride to the happily ever after.

Our Bubble machine creates a fantasy-like dance floor effect that can be used as little or as much as you would like and can be used at any time of the night. Maybe on the entrance, first dance or daddy-daughter just for some ideas.

Just imagine just how good you will look appearing through the bubbles on your entrance or for your dance.

The Bubbles will provide a beautiful effect just when you want and have the bonus of thrilling your guests especially the kids.

How many weddings have you been to have had the dancing with bubbles effect? Make your first dance even more special, unique and memorable.

Please click the video to see how good this effect is.


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Michael is the Managing Director of Weddings Parties Entertainment. Michael is a multi award winning Event director, MC & DJ. He has performed live at over 2,000 events, and been a prominent figure in the Australian Radio Scene since the late 1980’s.  Michael shot to prominence as a young, talented and ambitious radio personality, hosting the flagship Top 40 Countdown show in regional NSW.

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