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Your special day should be special. Unique and one-off to you. That's why our list of extras and add ons is so extensive, so you can mix and match the day to be just as your imagined.

A day that's perfectly yours

With Weddings Parties Entertainment you’re going to have an amazing time, but it would be even better if you could add something extra. Something that makes your event unique and special. We offer a range of services and extras to make your day stand out from the rest. From photo booths to fireworks, we do it all.


If you want more fun at your next event then get in touch with us today for a quote on what we can do for you. Our team will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day itself so that you don't have anything else to worry about except having a night to remember!

Bridal First Dance Fireworks

Bridal first dance fireworks to transform your event to OMG status

Our Cold Sparks Indoor Fireworks fountains will enhance your special wedding moments including the bride and groom’s entrance, the cutting of the cake, the bridal waltz or the bride and groom’s departure. This effect will bring the entire room to life and create a breathtaking backdrop for your photos and video.
Ignite your imagination and turn your special moment into a life time memory with our exciting & spectacular indoor fireworks entertainment show. Our fireworks fountains are an excellent way to transform your event from great to OMG!

Dry Ice & Smoke Effect

A dance-floor classic that’s sure to add romance and mystery, create a dreamlike sense of dancing on cloud-tops with a subtle, floor hugging mist effect – or crank up the fog to let every couple on the dance floor feel like they’re drifting in their own private space. Dry Ice can enhance the sense of space in a smaller venue, or help to define the dance-floor area in a larger room. Our experienced event DJs and MCs use dry-ice and lighting effects to bring that magical touch, crafting just the right mood. Sometimes it is all done with smoke and mirrors!

Room Uplighting

Uplighting can Upscale any Wedding!

Enjoy Uplighting packages from Weddings Parties Entertainment for your classic wedding day! Give your reception the WOW factor when guests walk into your ballroom. Creatively placed LED UpLighting is the final touch to any ballroom.

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bubbles 01

bubble fantasy

Today, so many venues say no to smoke machines and confetti being used at all, even if only for the first dance. Have you ever thought about BUBBLES!!!

Bubbles are a clean, safe and magical option of dancing with your partner for your first dance. Bubbles remind us of our innocent childhood where our brides often had their first thoughts of marriage, the Disney versions of course.

The Princess, and prince charming story, where the prince whisks away his beautiful bride to the happily ever after.

Confetti Spectacular

Guaranteed to make your party go with a bang, nothing says celebration quite like our Confetti Spectacular!

Lift the energy of the dance floor, or kick off the night with a blast, as you gently shower your guests with sprays of brightly coloured sparkling confetti that’l put a smile on every face (except maybe the cleaner). With a safe, non explosive propellant, Confetti Spectacular create stand-out memory filled moments that really do ‘pop’!

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projectiion monogram weddings parties entertainment

Personalised Monograms

Add a personal touch with personalised monograms

Imagine the date of your wedding and names in lights beamed on a wall or on the dancefloor while you embrace each other for your first dance? Personalise your own monogram and add the WOW factor to your wedding.

Choose from a wide range of designs and fonts that can be tailored to your wishes.

Mirror Booth (photo booth)

It looks like a mirror, but it is a magic mirror!! It even talks!!!

The magic mirror photo booth is the latest innovation within the entertainment industry. Unlike the classic photo booth, you can get as many people as you like in the photo (as long as they fit in the shot)!!

The magic mirror photo booth will keep you entertained by its super cool voice over animations while it takes photos – yes the mirror talks!!

Another amazing feature is that you can write on the mirror and this is printed on the photo – what a fabulous way to capture a special moment and message.

All photos are taken with a built-in high-quality DSLR camera and prints are either dispensed in seconds via a professional quality digital printer or sent directly to your phone!!

The magic mirror photo booth is suitable for all occasions!! Including weddings, birthday party’s, Christmas, promotional events and all sorts of private and corporate events.
The mirror provides great lifetime memories to treasure.

Pylon Booth (photo booth)

Weddings Parties Entertainment presents the very latest in photo booth technology, with the Pylon IPAD Photo Booth. The Pylon IPAD GIF Booth is what you are looking for if you want to not only impress your guests, but selfie their minds!

pylon photo booth weddings parties entertainment

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Michael is the Managing Director of Weddings Parties Entertainment. Michael is a multi award winning Event director, MC & DJ. He has performed live at over 2,000 events, and been a prominent figure in the Australian Radio Scene since the late 1980’s.  Michael shot to prominence as a young, talented and ambitious radio personality, hosting the flagship Top 40 Countdown show in regional NSW.

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